Mismatch (Season 2)

Mismatch (Season 2) Complete Hindi Adult Web Series All Episodes 01-05 Download Torrent 720P


Mishka is terrified of her husband Abir’s fantasies. Her boss Aditi intimidates her husband Anirban. The two mismatched couples begin a wild journey!

The Episodes are:- 

S02E01 I am Cuckold

– Mishka is trying to live up to her strict boss Aditi’s expectations. Meanwhile, both are struggling to fix their marriages with Abir and Anirban, respectively.

S02E02 Nemey jachhey Keno

– A super angry Aditi’s husband is having fun with another woman. Abir tries to convince Mishka to be the hotwife to the bull of his choice.

S02E03 Fact or Fantasy

– Anirban and Mishka end up in a police station while enjoying themselves behind Abir’s back. Abir’s reaction does not match his liberal ways.

S02E04 Karma is a B**ch

– Abir and Aditi start to get closer, making Mishka’s life miserable. On the other hand, Anirban realises his true feelings for Mishka.

S02E05 Me and My Girlfriends

– Mishka and Aditi confront Abir and Anirban for all the mess in their lives. Will the two mismatched couples finally find what they want?




~22min (Each Episode)









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